Buying Appointments

Most of our merchandise comes from our own vintage shopping excursions, but we are willing and interested in buying from individuals and collectors, if you've got exceptional gems and/or a large, well kept lot you need to move. If you're interested in setting up an appointment to sell, check out the guidelines below and send us a message.

+ ) You must make an appointment ahead of time. We can come to you if you have a large collection or estate. Contact us here or via Direct Message on Instagram (@themidtowndandy). Please send photos of the items if at all possible so we can determine interest. 

+ ) We will consider buying stand-out vintage men's clothing, accessories, and sometimes housewares, art and small furniture pieces. To be considered vintage, items must be 20 years or older - Year 2000 and earlier is our preferred cut off. We do consider some high end and hype clothing (Supreme, Bape, Palace, etc.) as well as excellent condition high end men's sneakers. 

+ ) Items must be in great condition, ready to go into our customers' homes and hearts immediately -- that means they have to be free of odors, stains, major sun damage, disintegration, and holes, etc. Please check everything carefully before contacting us. 

+ ) We'll determine our prices for your items and then offer you up to 20% for your pieces. If you prefer credit, we can offer up to 35%. Prices will vary on the style, condition, and rarity of your pieces.