Chambray or Denim - What?

Chambray/Denim - I thought they were the same thing?  Often people confuse the Chambray shirt and the Denim shirt. They are often used synonymously with each other. While the do look similar, they are actually a bit different. It all starts with the weave of the fabric. has a great article talking about the comparison here -

Regardless of your choice of denim or Chambray, these shirts are about as versatile as your favorite pair of jeans. You can wear them with almost anything, from a pressed pair of chinos to your favorite camo cargos or joggers. Dress it up with a knit tie or a vest and you have a great business look that isnt too stuffy.  The more you wear them the more comfortable they become.  Part of the charm of these shirts is their longevity and quality of construction. They will fade in all the right spots - thats when they are their best!


Here is one of our killer deals on a classic Chambray by Big Yank -


Here are some ideas on how to change it up and make it look awesome.


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