Camo is cool

What up Fellas!  Camo isn't just something you find at the old Army/Navy Surplus store anymore - although probably a great place to find some true vintage stuff at a good price!  Camo is now a hot item and is showing up in various forms - joggers, chinos, skinny pants or classic old school military surplus. regardless of the cut, camo  is as versatile as it gets.

You can pair it with a chambray/denim shirt or with a tee and suit jacket or go real fancy with a coat and tie.  Toss on your favorite pair of loafers or high tops (mine would be early Air Jordans of course) and a black tee and you instantly have a bad ass outfit.  You can also snag a camo jacket and toss it on with some dark jeans and a sweater to add a little funk to your style. Mixing the camo pattern with a striped shirt or a cool pattern is A.OK in our book too. If you like it, wear it. 

For more ideas, follow our "Camo is cool" pinboard:




The Midtown Dandy

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